Cleveland: Colt set as the starter?




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Colt set as the starter?

Colt McCoy | Browns

UPDATE: Wednesday morning, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter wrote that the Cleveland Browns have something to build on with Colt McCoy at QB (see below).

As Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote Monday night, the Browns haven’t officially declared their intentions to keep McCoy in the role of starting quarterback for the duration of the season, “but there’s a growing sense in the organization that it has the quarterback of the future” in the University of Texas product.

The latest display of McCoy’s ability was a game-tying drive at the end of regulation against the New York Jets, one of the league’s most unrelenting defenses. Not only that, had wide receiver Chansi Stuckey not fumbled away a reception at the Jets’ 32-yard line, it’s possible the Browns would’ve continued driving and pulled out the shocking win.

“Quote me on this: ‘They have a quarterback now,'” Jets LB Trevor Pryce said. “I’m glad I’m not in the AFC North anymore so I don’t have to see him get better. [Editor’s note: Pryce spent four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens prior to joining the Jets]. They’ve had quarterback problems for a long time. They now have a legit quarterback. He plays with a lot of confidence and he plays with a lot of poise.”

Looks like one of the first gambles of the Mike Holmgren regime is paying off in spades.

– Tim Kavanagh

Adam Schefter

They picked a fine horse to lead them

“Not everyone is sold on him yet, but McCoy already has won over a lot of supporters he didn’t have at the start of the season. He’s on his way, and so is this team. It’s still not viewed as a playoff team just yet — but the arrow is pointing up.”

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