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Randy Maltz is a die-hard sports fan, with passion for the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns. He is Founder & Editor of Silver and Blue Report and Hook 'em Report. He still idolizes Roger Staubach and Tom Landry.

By Nicco Martinez – Featured author at Hook’em Report and Silver and Blue Report

After reading Trey McLean’s From The Stands concerning his comments about the OU game during the bye week, it’s my opinion that he correctly nailed down the frustration of Longhorn Nation. There may be one or two things to add, but there’s nothing to subtract. Every UT football player should be made to read his latest report.

It’s sad when the talent is there.

And let’s face it, every player has the will/desire to win.

The mistakes being made by the Longhorns have little to do with experience because I’ve seen veteran NFL players make the same mistakes– just ask Flozell Adams and Alex Barron. Conversely, I have seen above-average high school freshmen rarely, if ever, make mistakes this repetitiously and systemically.

So, it should be obvious that this is a Discipline problem. Whether the coaches and veteran leadership on the team demand or command respect— the Longhorns have a lack of discipline and focus.

When a team has Discipline and Focus problems, the fault and blame falls squarely on the head coach. Those are his assistants that are not getting the job done. He hand-picked those coaches. Those are his recruits/players that he’s signed off on. DeLoss did not force those players onto Mack Brown.

And we’ve all heard it before: A team takes on the personality of their head coach.

I don’t care about the high level of discipline on the 1984 Sooners, or the mid-‘90s Tar Heels, that’s ancient history and the wrong team.

Some coaches get old and soft and lose their fire. Yes, Mack is beyond-gifted at shaking the hands of alums and taking their donations. He’s great at telling Mom and Pop that a scholarship to the Forty Acres is ready and waiting on Junior. He’s wonderful at knowing all of the sideline reporter’s first names for his halftime interviews, too.

Maybe he needs to stop looking at the press while declaring a loss his fault, instead Mack Brown needs to look in the mirror and then come out with his six-shooters a-blazin’. Mack needs to show that he still has the passion and fire to whip some discipline and focus into 20-year-old boys. You see, he’s a football coach. (Key word: football… not golf, not debate, not chess. We, in Texas, know that football is not a contact sport. Football is a collision sport.)

Mack, demand it of your staff and your players. Take the bull by the horns. Be the Head Coach of the Football Team at the University of Texas.

Everyone wants to coach at Texas and play for Texas. If the guys under Mack Brown cannot succeed at Rule #1 in football: play smart with focus and discipline, then Mack can easily get new quality players and coaches as quick as the weather changes in the Lone Star State.

What does the football world say about the Texas on an annual basis? With all the talent on the Forty Acres, the Longhorns don’t rebuild … they simply reload.

Well Mack Brown, stop rebuilding. RELOAD!

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