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Nebraska falls further down the rung
By Nicco Martinez – Featured author at Hook’em Report and Silver and Blue Report

In the Big 12, Nebraska was the undisputed king of the North and 3rd-chair overall behind Texas and Oklahoma.
Now in the Big 10, the Cornhuskers will slot behind:
1 Ohio State
2 Michigan
3 Penn State
4 Wisconsin
They will be TIED for 5th chair in the pecking order (along with Iowa and Michigan State) but there’s a catch….
most sportswriters believe within the next 24 months that Notre Dame will not just join the Big 10, they will receive a steak-and-baked-potatoes deal that makes the Texas/Big 12 relationship look like ground burger and french fries.
As far as Big 10 Power Players goes, this will slot Nebraska into the 6th-to-8th chair out of 13 teams (along with Iowa and Michigan State.)
This will make the boys from Lincoln cry about the glory days of the 1970s-1990s as well as the nice digs they had while King of the Big 12 North.
And to hear them cry about the Big 12 Championship being played in Arlington is ridiculous . . . Big Red spends more time recruiting the Lone Star state than any other state so they know it only bolsters their recruiting agenda. When was the last time one of the Texas colleges spent significant time recruiting the state of Nebraska. (Try not to laugh.)
Nebraska is 1-8 against Texas since the Big 12 started, and they inner view of “if you can’t beat them, then leave with your tail between legs….” and much of what made the NU team competitive in 2009 has moved on to the NFL.
The Longhorns have ruled the Big 10 conference over the last decade: beating Michigan and Ohio State in BCS games, Iowa in a bowl game, and Ohio State in a night game in Columbus (when apparently they don’t EVER lose.) Now, Nebraska hopes they can have similar luck as they represent the western-most outpost of that average-playing football conference.
Bottom line: Texas has done the necessaries to keep up with the changing landscape of college football where other powers of yesteryear (like Notre Dame, Nebraska and Florida State) have not. When 17-year-old boys are asked by reporters why storied programs like ND, NU and FSU are not on their short list, they could care less as they sport Florida Gator and Texas Longhorn apparel.
The kids being heavily recruited right now were born in 1993 and 1994. And these young men could less that Florida State won the title in 1993 and Nebraska won in 1994. The majority of the new booster money to college programs come from men who are 35 to 45 years old. (Birth years 1965 to 1976.) If any of these men were being recruited out of high school in the 80s and 90s, do you think they cared that in 1965 the champ was Michigan State and in 1976 it was Pittsburgh? Well, did you?
Of course not.
Nebraska wants 2010 recognition for something they stopped being more than a decade ago. I have bad news for Nebraska: they are the Commodore 64.  And yes, like many schools, things may gel in order to have a great season once or twice a decade, but don’t confuse that with the glory days of yesteryear . . . that will only insult your yesteryear’s.
Further more, when was the last time Nebraska had a great season? It was NOT last year that’s for sure. I mean, c’mon, a lost to Va Tech, consecutive HOME losses to Texas Tech and IOWA STATE, and a fourth loss to Texas . . . . I don’t recall a 4-loss season sparking legitimate thoughts of Johnny Rodgers or Scott Frost????!?
If so, please know that only ONE TIME has a Mack Brown Texas squad lost more than 3-games in a season since he arrived in 1998, he went 9-5 in 1999 (which also happens to be the season of our lone loss to Nebraska since Big 12 started.) How many Longhorns fans think 1999 was a great season??? Losing in a Big 12 championship game, losing twice a home and having a 9-5 season …. hmmmm, does it qualify as a glory season???? Face it, the last season worthy of Texas or Nebraska legacy in Lincoln was the 2001 year when they went 11-2 and lost to Colorado (62-36) in the final regular season game and lost to Miami (37-14) in the Rose Bowl.
Cornhuskers need to stop their external crying about Texas and Big 12 and focus on the internal fact that it’s been nearly a decade since they vanished from the national scene. The wait continues.
What’s in store for Nebraska this year???
Well, they start the season at home against the cellar-dweller of the mighty Sun Belt conference, Western Kentucky (0-12 last year).
Then, another home game against WAC’s 4th-best team, the Idaho Vandals.
Then, a road game against the Washington Huskies, who went 5-7 last year.
Then, back home to play lesser Div I-AA (FCS) school South Dakota State.
They receive 12 days off.
Then, at Kansas State (6-6 last year).
They receive 9 days off.
Then, circle the calendar because on Oct 16 the Horns (13-1 last year) visit Lincoln.
Then, at Oklahoma State (9-4 last year.)
Then, a neutral site game with Missouri.
Then, at Iowa State.
Then, home with Kansas.
Then, at Texas A&M.
Then, home with Colorado to finish off the season.
I’m predicting an 9-3 regular season at best for the Suh-less/offense-less Cornhuskers.
So long.
If they make it to the Big 12 championship game then a 4-loss season is unavoidable. But wait, it’s OK because 4-loss seasons are now considered to be “great” seasons by Nebraska nation.
To hear Delany say that he’s waited 21 years for Nebraska is comical because 21 years ago EVERYONE would have welcomed Nebraska. Nowadays, NU is just the guy who whines a lot because it can’t build what others have built and so they want it handed to them. I’m surprised Obama didn’t step in and write them a hand-out government check for all their crying, failures, inabilities and shortfalls. For a state that prides itself on its conservative view, they sure are taking the liberal high road.
They need to change their website:
or is it…..
Quitters Shortfalls Whiners Unaccountable Inabilities
Do I think Nebraska’s fans are great? Yes
Do I think Nebraska football has an incredible tradition? YES
In the changing landscape of college sports, do I think Nebraska will ever command or achieve “glory day” seasons on a year-in year-out basis? No, their state cannot carry TV ratings, they are not in a marketable warm-weather location, and they are not close to top-notch recruits. End of story.
Osborne wants a universe where Nebraska professors can systemically give football players passing grades so they can play on Saturday. Even if the kid showed no ability to make the classroom grade in high school! Explain to me how a kid who practically fails high school can maintain excellent grades at an institution of higher learning? Osborne should rename NU either NC (college) or NJC (junior college) and play Div III or JC ball. It’s disgusting to support a view that life-long non-applying underachievers can get free rides if they can score touchdowns and make tackles. Tom Osborne wants a world where he can recruit dumbass players who have no business on a college campus.

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