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Mack Brown, Football Coach, Texas | Pets: Charlie and Crockett

The following photos are from award-winning photographer David Woo’s book ”Top Dogs and Their Pets.” The book features a collection of athletes, politicians and entertainers posing with their pets. The answers below are from the pets’ owners.

I chose my pets’ names because:
Crockett — Davie Crockett came from Tennessee too. Charlie — Charlie Brown is Sally Brown’s brother.

If I could change one thing about my pets, it would be: Not a thing. They are characters, but in a great way.

My pets’ worst habits are: Eat too much.
Behind my back people refer to me and my pets as: Dogs are too big.
I wish my pets could: Lose some weight.

Nobody knows my pets are: Cavalier King Charles.

My pets’ best assets are: So friendly.

If I had to choose a different pet, it would be: Yellow Lab.

My pets’ favorite treat would be: They love all treats.

My favorite time of the day to spend with my pets are: At home at night.

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