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Bevo’s Daily Roundup – March 31, 2010
by dimecoverage


Texas is the national champion. For the 10th time.

Congratulations to the men’s swim team.

Mack Brown has absolutely no second thoughts.

The Longhorns feel extremely confident in their secondary. Coach Mack Brown says Texas has “three starting corners” in Chykie Brown, Curtis Brown and Aaron Williams, and that in addition to injured Nolan Brewster and Gideon at safety, Christian Scott and Kenny Vaccaro have become more than just big hitters under the tutelage of secondary coach Duane Akina.

“If you threw some raw meat at a dog, it would be like Kenny and Christian with a running back,” Brown said. “They just want to go knock him out. They don’t want to sit and wait.

Reserve quarterback Sherrod Harrisis listed as backup to Garrett Gilbert.

Stretch draw plays could revolutionize the Horns’ run game.

Texas fans should truly be getting excited about what figures to be a transformation in the run game. I think the change could make Texas a legitimate national contender.

Jackson Jeffcoat has a checklist.

But for right now, Jeffcoat wants to focus on graduating from high school, starting his college classes and workouts in the summer and joining his fellow freshman teammates on Texas’ campus. A few weeks ago, fellow Texas signee Taylor Bible predicted the Longhorns can win the next four national titles. Jeffcoat, who doesn’t have any plans to redshirt in his freshman season, didn’t budge from that wager.

“I’m not going to disagree with (Bible), so I’m going to go with four also,” he said.

Rick Barnes can turn this mess around.

The bet here is Rick Barnes will take a Longhorns team to the Final Four again someday and will cut down the nets for the first time. Eventually. And he needs to, because he’s paid like a top 10 coach at $2 million a year and has the resources to get it done.

But before he can, he needs to sift through the ashes of this latest bittersweet season that left his 25-10 team on the sidelines after the NCAA tournament’s first round and correct the deficiencies that short-circuited this season.

Longhorn Roadtrip has an epilogue to a disappointing basketball season.

When writing about a college team, four years feels like a natural length, a fitting time frame to follow one group of players around the country and document their trials and growths. Throw in the fact that this year was supposed to be magical, that this team could finally be The One……well, you could almost feel like my inquisitors hoped I’d be witness to a storybook ending.

Somewhere along the way, that all went to hell. It was certainly long after the team’s brief stay at No. 1 in the national rankings, but also well before they crashed and burned in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. But while those hopes and dreams were plummeting to Earth, that damned question changed, too. No longer were people asking me if I was going to end things at a natural stopping point. Now people were asking the question as if they thought I needed to be put out of my misery.

What took them so long? Tyler named a road after Earl Campbell.

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